Groupement Philatélique
France Scandinavie
20 October 2017

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Welcome on this website dedicated to Scandinavian philately!
You will find the maximum of information on our philatelic society and of course, on Scandinavian philately :

  • Proposals for stamps exchange intended for the members of the society;
  • The state of our sales at net price, reserved to the members of the society;
  • Addresses of pen pals;

Lastly, an online catalogue of the stamps from the Scandinaves countries. Of course, this part is far from being finished and it will have to evolve... Perhaps that a little help would be welcome?

Of course, the purists will find some errors: to maintain such a site is a gageure and we do not claim to be omniscient, without forgetting the simple errors of typing. We thus await your remarks and criticisme.

Good visit and perhaps as new member!!!

Stamps emitted on 20 - Oct.

Oct 20 1972

Stamp day

Oct 20 1955

a b
Stamp Overprinted

Oct 20 1994

a b c d e
Danish wild animals

Oct 20 1971

Finnish plastics industry

Oct 20 1984

a b c d e f
Fairy tales

Oct 20 1977

Jørgen Brølund


Complete years

Sweden (1972)

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